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Born and raised in a small town in New Hampshire with three brothers, Chloe was always trying to hold her own on and off the field. She received a track scholarship to Duke University and found herself around some of the best college athletes in the world. After suffering from three stress fractures Chloe began to focus on her strength training and fell in love with the weight room during the process.

Since moving to California she has been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer at Equinox before coming to DOPS. She has hit all the stops in terms of finding the ways to optimize health and performance. A certified Health Coach through Primal Health Coach Institute and NESTA personal trainer, Chloe believes health doesn't stop after the workout. She is your gal if you are looking to enhance your nutrition and fitness.

I wanted to work with D.O.P because of the badass team of trainers and the client community that D.O.P brings together! It's inspiring to see people show up consistently and become the best versions of themselves.

“I love the D.O.P workouts because they are functional and translate directly to overall fitness and lifestyle. Training at DOP optimizes your daily life by creating mental and physical toughness that can directly translate into toughness in our daily lives.”

She continues to compete in anything she can get her hands on including The World's Toughest Mile where she qualified for the World Championships and a chance to win $25k. Challenge her to anything requiring strength, speed or agility and I guarantee she will give you a run for your money!

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