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Chris Mogaddam one of the most effective and influential fitness pioneers and leaders in the Global Fitness Community. After graduating from Newport Harbor High then Chapman University Chris decided to move to LA to pursue a career in Fitness because he wanted to capitalize on is superior sales abilities in a way that would help others. After years of working in the business, in management, as a trainer, mentor and as a consultant he has solidified himself as a trail blazer and staple that people can trust and find endless motivation from. Chris Mogaddam has worked with and changed the lives of people from all walks of life and varying levels of fitness. From top execs and pro athletes around the world, Chris applies a customized approach that utilizes multiple training modalities to push the limits of his clientele and achieve lasting results.

Clients, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers gravitate towards Mogaddam’s, experience, energy, knowledge, and willingness always to help. Two of his head trainers coming from out of state. One from Ohio and the other Michigan to work in LA under Mogaddams Lead. Simply because he is one of the go to leaders amongst the fitness and sports performance training business. His dynamic personality and commitment to his clients and mentees has proven year after year that he consistently and simply has offered and currently offers the best platforms and systems for people to get in shape and improve their physical and mental health. Working under his lead creates many opportunities, luxuries with a proud career and lifestyle worth living. Mogaddam believes everybody can make fitness a part of their lifestyle and takes pride in guiding people into becoming more health conscience and fit.

Chris’s impressive experience in the fitness world includes many highlights. In 2012 Chris was hired as a consultant to restructure and take over the West LA Velocity Location as they were in a tough position in their first few months. He rebranded to Velocity Sports Club and built and attracted the largest number independent trainers under one roof in Los Angeles.

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