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Dusty Fishers



After spending his formative years chasing bears and hockey pucks with his fellow Canadians, RSG made his way to sunny California and has been living the West Side life for over 20 years. Long before he started bringing his style and energy to the fitness world, Ryan always believed anything is better if you’re having fun doing it. So you can always expect his classes or workouts to have an element of childish fun and endless energy. With over 12 years in the endurance running, around the world. Ryan himself has lost count of how many marathons, half marathons, and other races he’s completed. But what he very clearly remembers is all the awesome athletes and runners that he has crossed paths with as they chased their own dreams of becoming a long distance runner. With over 7 full marathons around the globe he’s coached runners for, it’s well over 5000 runners he’s seen cross that elusive finish line. Now in the group fitness, high intensity, circuit training world, he plans on keeping the room as fun as always. With a focus on high energy and smiling despite the pain, RSG centers in on proper form, and the addition of new exercises to your profile to keep that ever adapting body guessing what’s coming next. If you’ve ever thought, “I’m never going to be able to do THAT!”.. Stick around and let Ryan take you down the rabbit hole.