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Dotan Ryder



Dotan Ryder is an LA transplant, originally hailing from New York, where he grew up competitively swimming for over a decade. He actually learned to swim as a child before learning to walk. In search of warm weather, and a place where he could swim & train all year round on the beach, Santa Monica was a no-brainer. As a vegetarian from a young age, he was always extremely health conscious, which quickly drew his focus to a career & life in fitness. 

He believes looking good & feeling good promotes doing good: And whatever that looks like to you, he wants to get you there. As a coach seeing real results while having fun is always going to be number one. He is committed to being your partner on the road towards achieving your fitness goals, and will stay by your side for the ride. 

Dotan had been an avid member of Double Ops before he started as a trainer on the DOP team. Even as a Trainer he continues coming in daily for the amazing workouts, and the community that has been built around the brand. Dotans favorite thing about the Double Ops System is the variation it has to offer from boxing, to bikes, rowing, heavy lifting, and more, which makes it a true training gym. 

Your body is capable of more than you think, and Dotan can’t wait to sweat it out with you at Double Ops soon!

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