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A New York native who’s found her stride in the sunshine state as a fitness guru. Katy has certifications through NASM as a personal trainer as well as cross core, progressive body weight training and VIPR. She's been a competitive distance runner for 14 years racing in the mile, 2 mile, steeple chase and 10k. All that running was destined for injury at some point and when injuries started to happen she refocused her training and began to incorporate more strength and flexibility into her regimen. She then found a passion for being a well rounded athlete. Katy came to Double Ops interested in teaching classes for the first time as an corporate trainer wanting to spread her wings and realized that the DOP brand is where she belongs. With the close knit community of people from all walks of life at all levels of fitness she is able to connect with everybody. From her track and field background, fitness certifications and experience working as a trainer Katy knows how to help anybody get results the right way. She is the head female trainer and one of the main faces of Thrive 21 Challenge! "I feel so lucky to be part of a community members guests and trainers uplifting each other to be the most bad ass version of themselves they can be!" She is hoping to share what she learned on her journey to inspire everyone to move with passion and longevity!