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Research has proven that it takes 21-30 days to form a habit. The Cut Rules Option is best for people that are learning how to eat clean, need to start slow or don't have the time to follow a food guide. Our Cut Rules will jump kick your results into gear. If you are following the rules properly you will see great results. The goal within this avenue is to help change your bad eating lyfestyle habits by cutting crap our of your lazy diet and making that a lasting habit. These Rules will stop you from eating unclean fuel, snacks and too many cheat meals. Stay with it for the entire 21 Days and you will start to seeing the real results.

The Cut Rules Program includes a full bag of High Quality Plant Based Protein from Life Fuel


The THRIVE 21 Food Guide is a full circle comprehensive and highly nutritious super food guide that will ensure immediate results. The goal with this Guide is to learn the recipes and apply them to your daily routines so your results will continue to be a product of your lifestyle. This food guide is made up of 3 diet types; Shred, Build and Vegan. The program is powered by Lyfe Fuel which is the Double Ops brands official fuel Partner. Pick one of these 3 the options that aligns with your lifestyle and goals. This program can serve as one of your most valuable lifestyle tools for yourself and your family.

The Food Guide Program includes a Large Bag of Plant Based Recovery Powder from Life Fuel

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