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Thrive 21

Rules and Guidelines

To be eligible to win the prizes you must:

  • Use a heart rate monitor for every workout

  • Post your challenges on IG


The Point (and honor) System

  • Daily Workouts with heart rate monitor = 50 points

  • Daily Challenges with IG/FB posts = 50

  • Extra posts to story = +5 extra points
    Extra posts to profile = +10 extra points

  • Cheat Meals = -10 points

    • Log your points by going to the “Daily Check-In” located on the page with your Daily Challenges
      If you forget, you can always go back and log them later


The Meal Plan

  • At the beginning of each week, you will get your new meal plan, giving you the opportunity to shop for groceries and meal prep for the week

  • You will always have the option to print and tape your meal plans and shopping lists to your fridge or cabinet

  • Follow each day’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack menu

    • If for any reason you miss a meal, be sure to drink a Lyfe Fuel shake instead

    • If you have a cheat meal, be honest and take note of it

      • Each time you have a cheat meal, you lose 10 points


The Workouts

  • Each day presents a new workout

  • Check the tab labeled “Daily Workouts” to see what you have to do each day

  • You must wear a heart rate monitor to document the workout

  • You will get 50 points each day for doing the workout


The Challenges

  • You will get a new challenge each day

    • Some challenges continue for the whole week, some go the whole 21 days, and some are only one time challenges

  • Be sure to do every challenge that is listed for each day

  • You must post a video of you doing each challenge on your IG story every day

    • Save your stories with all your challenge posts

      • Make sure it saves as a video in your phone’s camera roll photos

      • Keep all saved videos until the end of the 21-day challenge

  • You will earn 50 points each day for completing the challenges

  • At the end of the 21 days, you will submit all your IG posts with dates

    • You should have a minimum of 21

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