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A multiple sport athlete growing up. Excelled in Football, basketball, wrestling, track & martial arts. Sports not only keep him fit, but really gave him a love for movement & how good one can feel on a daily basis. Nick has a Pain free, productive and clear mindset. He played Football and basketball in northern Michigan at Ferris state & ended up moving to California to play a season of football at UCLA. After, he then got his certification for personal training & fitness nutrition specialization from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This awards him as a specialist in exercise, nutrition and supplementation. Nick as then trained all around the country and more. Michigan, California, Minnesota, China & Puerto Rico are places he has pursued his career in fitness. Dealing with multiple types of genetics & levels of fitness around the world has given him a huge advantage in the fitness industry.

Fitness has given him the ability to live in multiple areas around the world & led him right here to Double ops. He is trainer that is going to motivate you just by being in the room. Not only is he knowledgeable, but his positivity & excitement for people to improve is infectious! Nick is always going to push you to get to the NEXT LEVEL. A point you never thought you could be. He is addicted and dedicated to helping all the people in the Double Ops community to live the most the enjoyable healthiest and productive lifestyle possible.