Samantha Kozuch



Samantha Kozuch is a Los Angeles based health & fitness influencer, owner of a video marketing company, a swimsuit model and traveling spokesmodel. From a young age, Samantha has been an athlete. She played basketball for over 10 years and was also sprinter in track and field. Samantha turned her passion for fitness into a long career as a sought after fitness model and online personal trainer. She is frequently traveling all over the country and internationally for bookings, currently holding the Miss Red Bull Global Rally Cross title for a second racing season in a row. You can also catch her on the catwalk as a runway model for Body Glove Girl Swim or at high profile events as an ambassador and spokesperson for an endless list of brands. Her busy travel schedule doesn’t stop her from living a healthy lifestyle, and she uses it to inspire others that they can do the same!

Samantha was a member at Double Ops before becoming a DOP Trainer. She loves the high intensity and challenge of the classes – “The energy in the classes is amazing and each class motivates me to push myself! I have an incredibly busy schedule, a tiring one at that, so as long as I just get myself to DOP then I know I’m in for a good workout even on the days that I don’t feel like training, because let’s face it just because we love to be healthy, doesn’t mean it always comes easy!”

After almost a year of attending classes at DOP, it was the first time Samantha had felt passionate about a workout studio and brand that she couldn’t turn down the opportunity to become a part of the training staff. You will find Samantha either working out beside you in a class or on the mic in the evenings motivating you to push yourself to do those couple extra reps and WORK, WORK, WORK!