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Fitness and Nutrition Guide

Thrive 21 is a 21 day/3 week challenge program that's purpose is to help people achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. It starts on the first Monday of each month, our thrivers will have the opportunity to do the program each month, every other month or just a few times a year. Thrive has three different food guide options depending on what your goals are. SHRED, for those looking to slim down and get into shape; BUILD, for those who want to build and sculpt muscles; and VEGAN, for those who already live a plant based lifestyle or for those who want to try it. Each program gives you access to different weekly nutrition guides, along with daily workouts and challenges. By following each day's meal plan, workout and challenge, you create daily habits that transform your lifestyle by implementing positive healthy routines!

Points and Prizes

Since this is a challenge, it has prizes! Prizes go to the people who gather the most points throughout the challenge by doing their daily workouts and posting their challenges on instagram. Each workout is with 50 points and completing each set of daily challenges will get you another 50. All thrivers who want a chance to win must wear a heart rate monitor that will record their workout stats.