Tom Cole



Tom Cole began his career as a personal trainer in Los Angeles. He started at Equinox as a blue shirt trainer and quickly grew into an experienced well versed trainer who was promoted as a Training Manager. Tom uses proven methodologies and technique to procure real results for his clients. In March of 2017 Tom left Equinox and began training private clients exclusively. Tom is also now broadening his arsenal as a Trainer and Coach at Double Ops Functional Training. He enjoys the energy of bigger groups and the ability to help multiple members at one time. He's worked with athletes, models, actors, CEOs and average joes. He believes strongly that success comes down to two things - heart and hustle. If you've got those two things, you can do anything. Tom has the following certs: CSCS, NCCPT, PN, FMS, TRX and CPR/AED. Tom is somebody that believes in pursuing a continued education to stay on top of the game.